San Jose MAGA


  2017 California MAGA Hall of Fame Inductees-

Al Venegas and Peter Garza

          Hall of Fame members -Gil Contreras, Pres Miranda, Ron Alvarado and Paul Curiel

Our next tournament will be Sunday, April 22nd at Tilden Park GC in Berkeley, CA  Mail your check for $75 to our P.O.BOX below or Venmo your payment to @P-Curiel.     


  For more information, contact Mark Lara (408)590-3319  

San Jose MAGA is all about golf.  Playing golf, making friends and having fun.  We have monthly tournaments from Monterey to Stockton, and our players are from 1 to 36 handicap. To become a member, contact us for club information and on how to join.  See the link with our tournament schedule. 

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   Our mailing address is:  San Jose MAGA

    P.O. Box 8647    San Jose, CA.  95155-8647